About Green Pre-school...

At Green Pre-school our values our reflected within every aspect of our program.  We
take pride in providing a beautiful classroom environment consisting of child-sized
furnishings, wooden toys, nature-based play materials, living plants, art, and
photographs. Children are viewed as capable and competent and are given the
freedom and time to explore and discover.

Teachers are emotionally and intellectually engaged with children throughout each
day, while engaging in play, literacy, music and movement, math, and science
experiences.  Teachers and parents build relationships based on respect, honesty, and
trust.  Teachers are offered  the  support and recognition they deserve, as well as time
to think, plan, reflect, and share ideas.

About Reggio...

Children and teachers deserve a beautifully designed environment and the classroom
is thought of as the “Third Teacher”.  Teachers closely observe the children in order to
be in tune with each child's interests and identity.  However, teachers are also
participants in the child's learning.  Children and teachers collaborate during the
learning process in order to share and build upon their understandings.  Children are
thought of as competent and are given time, space, and freedom to explore their
environment and materials.  Teachers regularly document children's learning through
transcribing their comments and displaying their art.  Parents are an intricate part of
the child's education as the child's first teacher.